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Quick Start

Installing to a developer workstation.

Local installation to developer workstation

We assume that you do not change any default values proposed by Axinom.

This article provides an overview of things to be done. Each step is described in detail in further chapters. For nearly each step, we have created a webcast for you. You can find them all on our webcast page...

If you have problems after installing, please also consult our troubleshoot page ...

The installation process involves these big steps:

  1. One step install
  2. Prerequisites.
  3. Pre-Install configuration
  4. Directory Structure
  5. Configuration
  6. License
  7. Starting
  8. Develop in Sample project
  9. ActiveDirectory


One step install

Thanks to 9 now it is possible to install it just in one step!

Just run the downloaded AxCMS_Sample.exe file package (Right click - run as administrator)! It will extract all the files under the default AxCMS directory C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample and will run Install.bat file.

Please ensure you have installed ALL components listed and your system settings are compatible with automated installation, otherwise could not work or install could fail!



Before you install please check that following software is installed:

For versions 9.0:

  • IIS5 / IIS6 / IIS7 configured for running ASP.NET, WCF, Silverlight
  • MS SQL Server 2005/2008 (any edition, including Express Edition)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Web Service Enhancements 3.0
  • Internet Explorer 7.0/8.0 or FireFox 3.x with Silverlight 3

If you want to develop with

  • Visual Studio .NET 2008 SP1
  • MS SQL Server Client Tools
  • Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

 More about this subject you'll find in the System Requirements section.


Pre-install configuration

MSSQL Server / SQL Express

Allow SQL Server Authentication in your SQL Server. Go to properties of your SQL Server in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Security, Authentication and turn on "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode". If it is set to "Windows only", will be unable to login to SQL Server.

SQL Express

If you have SQL Express installed to default instance (not to MSSQLSERVER), then you should change all the connection strings in config files from (local) to LOCALHOST\SQLEXPRESS under the AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Configuration\SampleDEV folder.

The same with file under AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Deploy. Find there (local) word and change it to LOCALHOST\SQLEXPRESS.

Read here for detailed information...


IIS 5/6

Install ASP.NET 2.0 by running in command prompt

c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis /i

If you have 64 bit OS then use Framework64 directory instead of Framework.

After install you should enable ASP.NET 2.0 under Web Service Extensions (only for IIS 6)


You should add IIS6 Scripting Tools and ASP.NET under the Turn Windows Feautures on or off (in Windows Vista / 7) or under the Add Role Services (in Windows Server 2008 / R2) otherwise create scripts would be unable to create the Virtual Directories.

Read here for detailed information...


Directory structure

The folder AxCMS_Sample contains the following folders:

AxCMS.Service - Services for running background tasks
AxCMSPublishService_Sample - Publish Service
AxCMSTemplates_Sample - Template-Application
AxCMSweb_Sample - Management System
AxCMSwebLive_Sample - Live System
Components - AxCMS-Resources, Docs, DB-Scripts, etc.
Create_Sample - Project for filling your system with sample content
Resources_Sample - Tools & Resources for the Template-Application
Sample.BL - Business logic for Sample
UnitTests_Sample - UnitTests for business logic
WebDAV - WebDAV access to project directory (UNC-like access to server) 



Each needs its own configuration file. Sample configuration files are already included in C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Configuration\SampleDEV\ folder (for Management System, for Live System and for Publish Service).

If you have to change something, please ensure that you change it in all configs.

Following configs exist:

  • AxCMS.Service.config  --for AxCMS.Service
  • Create.App.config       --for Create_Sample project
  • LS.Web.config            --for Live system
  • MS.Web.config           --for Management system
  • Publish.config            --for Publish service
  • UnitTests.App.config   --for Unit tTests

Please, run PostBuild.bat (located at C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Deploy\) each time you change configuration files. It copies configuration files to proper places.



To start you have to provide a valid license file. You can request the license file from Axinom for free.

Copy the license file received into any folder (preferably not accesible through IIS) and put this path into web.config's of the Management System and Live System (key GlobalLicenseFile).

By default: AxCMS_Sample\Sample.lic

LiveSystemHostName key in the web.config must match the URL in your license file.

More about this subject you'll find in the Licensing section.

View the webcast to this topic here...



After install succeed next sites in browser would open:

Management System: http://localhost/AxCMSweb_Sample
Live System: http://localhost/AxCMSwebLive_Sample

You get a login screen from At the bottom of the dialog you see the version of

You can login into the new installed system with axinom / axinom.

Note: You are advised to immediately create a new user with another password, give it administrative rights and take away rights and roles of axinom-user. Under no circumstances run production instances of with axinom-user available.

If your system works, you can install and configure additional modules.


Develop in Sample project

Once the Sample-project is successfully installed at your PC, it is very easy to start with development of the template project. Just do the following:

  1. Double click on the solution file (located at C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\AxCMS_Sample.sln).
    NOTE: Maybe your VS does not recognize some projects - if it does not recognize a single one, then you need to install SP1 for Visual Studio, if it only does not recognize UnitTest_Sample project, then your VS does not support the test projects. You can simply delete that project.
  2. Build the project.
  3. After each build, you have to run the PostBuild.bat located here: C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Deploy_Sample\PostBuild.bat. It copies created dll in right bin-directories. At the moment this is configured in Post-Build event of UnitTests project as this is the last project that is built in solution. If you just deleted UnitTest project, you can add post build event to Sample.BL in properties of project/Build Events/After successful build -> then enter path to PostBuild.bat there.



You can configure your instance of (already installed) to connect to your Active Directory. No additional installation possible. Please read here for more information ...