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KB10038: Link to Live System is wrong
Explains how MS builds the links to the Live System (LS).


You encounter that the Links to Live System which Management System creates for you (e.g. see screenshot below) are not what you expect.


Link to Live System


To avoid the problems you should know, how this link is built.

First searches for the Site of the current page. If it can be found, the value from the field Hosts is taken (if there are more than one entries - the first one).

If the site cannot be found or the field Hosts is empty, the value from they key LiveSystemHostName from the web.config is taken.


Depending on what is wrong:

A) Check the Site assignment of the current page (it should be assigned to a navigation node of the site)

B) Check the Hosts-value in the Site-properties

C) Check the value of LiveSystemHostName (remember, this one must match the value in your license file).

The link to the live system is used:

  • On page details in the information-panel (Link to Live System, see above)
  • In the toolbar (Link to Live System)
  • In the bottom-tabs (tab Live)
  • On page details in the panel Versions.

APPLIES TO versions: from 8.6