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KB10041: Could not load the license XML.
Either you do not have a correct license file or you did not configure it correctly (web.config)


After a successfull installation you see a red error message over every page in MS and LS saying "Could not load the license XML. Visit website to get your free license!":

Could Not Load The License XML


Either you do not have a valid license file or the path to the license file in web.config (key  GlobalLicenseFile) is not set correctly.


A) If you don't have a license file, request it on website

B) If you just downloaded a free, you should have recieved a localhost-license automatically - check you emails.

C) Ensure the path under GlobalLicenseFile in web.config (both MS and LS) points to the localtion (absolute) where you stored the license file.


Licensing of is described in details in Installation Guide (see below)