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KB10042: License file is not valid for current configuration
LiveSystemHostName in your web.config does not match with the domain which the license was issues for.


After a successfull installation you see a red error message over every page in MS and LS saying "License file is not valid for current configuration. Visit website to get your free license!":


The URL configured in your web.config (both MS and LS) under LiveSystemHostName

        <!-- root URL of LIVE webserver  -->
        <add key="LiveSystemHostName" value="http://localhost" />

does not match the value for LiveSystemHostName in the license file:



A) If you don't have a license file for your LiveSystemHostName, request it on website

B) If you just downloaded a free, you should have recieved a localhost-license automatically - check you emails.

C) If you misspelled the value in web.config - correct it (every character is important, e.g. avoid the "/" at the end). Do not change the license file - it is digitally signed. If you manipulate it, the system will reject the file.


Licensing of is described in details in Installation Guide (see below)