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KB10045: Publishing fails

If publishing fails, search for exception with additional information. You should also check check web.config - publishing configuration, file system permissions, max request size and request timeout.


You publish an object (e.g. page or document) and get an error “Publishing was not successful” or similar.


At this level it is not possible to say exactly what was the real cause of the error.
But behind the scene an exception should be generated. To get the exception message you should have the <exceptionManagement> section configured and <publisher> enabled in MS.web.config. After you got the exception message after the publishing process you need to examine it.

Some typical problems which could arise:

  • In case when you use WebService publishing. (<PublishAgent mode="on" type="WebService"> in MS.web.config)
    • Publish service IIS site is not running or not accessible from the Management System
    • <PublishWebService><Url>...</Url> in MS.web.config is not correctly configured for accessing Publish Service.
    • Ensure that if you open <Url>http://.../PublishWebService.asmx</Url> in browser then you will not see error/exception page.
    • In case when <UseWSE>true</UseWSE>, ensure that WSE credentials in MS.web.config between <Username>...</Username>, <Password>...</Password> and in PS.web.config are the same under the <PasswordProvider> section.
    • Ensure that PS.web.config has the correct configuration under the <PublishService> section.
  • In case when you use InProccess publishing. (<PublishAgent mode="on" type="InProccess "> in MS.web.config)
    • Ensure that MS.web.config has the correct configuration under the <PublishService> section.
  • The Application Pool user whos identity is used to access the file system (e.g. 'Network Service' or 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool' user) does not have write permissions for the folders /publish and/or /upload in LS or MS.
  • For documents – the document size is too big leading to either request size limit exceeded or request timeout
  • Some code errors could exist on unpublished pages that caused by your developers


Find the exception information and act accordingly. If exception management is not configured – do it now.


In 9.2 and above publishing provides the end user (Editor) with more information about the cause of the failing publishing.