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Managing Documents



All files uploaded to are considered documents. They can be text files, images, flash movies, PDF files, etc.

You can upload new documents by going to New -> Documents OR Edit -> Documents and clicking the button New on the left side of the overview page.

On the Document Detail page there are six sections that represent different details and editor options relevant to the file. Some additional sections appear after the document has been saved and/or published, some are influenced by the file type. We will take a look at default each section; additional details and sections that depend on the state of the document or are file specific will be explained accordingly.


  • Document

By clicking Browse you can select a file from your PC or from a local network. Clicking Upload uploads it to

  • Remote URL

Clicking Enter... opens a popup where you can upload a file via remote URL.

  • Name

Enter a name for the document. If no name is specified, the original file name is used. The name of the document can be changed at any time by editing the document.

Changes after saving:

  • Deployment (with radio buttons MS and LS, MS only)

You can set here where the document can be deployed: to both MS and LS or only MS.


  • Define as standard document... link

Select a navigation item to link to your new document.

  • Attach document... link

Having already defined your document as standard document for a navigation item, you can ignore this point. If you do not want to define the document as a standard document for any navigation item and link the document only by a text or image link within the content area of a page, then here you have the possibility to select a navigation item to be highlighted by the new document.


  • Edit categories... link

Assign categories to your new document. Read more about categories in this section: Category

Changes after saving:

  • Edit tasks... link

Allows you to edit tasks for the document. Read more about tasks in this section: Task



  • Link See the rights for the document...

Opens a page where you can see the rights of users.



  • ID

The unique ID of the document.

  • File name

Consists of the name of the uploaded file and the document ID.

  • Author

Username of the user who uploaded the document to

Changes after saving:

  • Data size

Actual file size of the document (in bytes).

  • Status

Current status of the document in the system (Published, NeverPublished etc.).

Extended properties

  • Keywords

Here you can enter terms that you want the index search to find the document by. These terms are independent of the terms in document content.

  • Headline, Description

You can enter text here. By template functionalities these texts can be used in the context of the documents. E.g. description can be used as a standard text to describe one image on all pages. By default this is empty and without function. 

  • Valid from, Valid till

Here you can define the time frame in which the file will be accessible in the LS. By default this is without function. 

  • Additional date, Additional string

These functions are meant for advanced details and are by default without function

Tools section

  • Save

Saves the document and takes you to the Document Overview page.

  • Apply

Saves the document and reloads the Document Detail page.

  • Back

Takes you back to the Document Overview page. No changes are saved.

  • New

Opens a new Document Detail page for creating a new document.

Changes after saving: 

  • Publish

Publishes the document.

  • Unpublish

Returns the document to unpublished state.

  • Dependencies

Lets you check the dependencies of the document.

  • Check out

Checks the document out, so other user are not able to edit it.

  • Delete

Deletes the document. If the document was published before, Delete only marks it for deletion. To remove it completely, the document has to be published.

Document export

You can export information about documents to an .xml or a .csv file. To do this, go to Edit -> Documents, select the document(s) you wish to export, choose export type and click Export.