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Quick Start

Your guide to getting started with quickly and easily

Within the Quick Start Guide, you will find step-by-step tutorials on how to create basic content, structure, pages and navigations in The guide provides the quickest way for those new to to begin using the editorial side of is normally used with a template project.  For example, there is a Sample template included with the free download of You can use the provided template project and change the available pages as needed or you can create your own template projects. The template project prescribes the look of the finished website. 

The application consists of two major components – the Management System (MS) and the Live System (LS). All changes and editorial actions to the web content are controlled and executed within the MS. The LS is the area where all those changes are made visible and accessible for the end-users.  Content on existing pages can be edited using the content editor (WYSIWYG) in the MS. (The abbreviation WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get".)

Basically, there are three very important aspects to managing content in

  • Navigation (for enabling navigation between pages and subpages, as well as assigning default home pages and assigning multi-language sites content in different languages).
  • Pages (the type of page is defined by the template). 
  • Documents and objects (pictures, banners, flash movies, text files, controls, etc.).

In order to make the newly added content visible and accessible in the LS, all the elements (navigation, pages and documents) have to be published in the MS.

In 9.0 a new feature has been introduced – Dependencies. When a page is being published, the system displays a list of objects related to the page that need to be published as well.

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