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Here you can find detailed description for installing AxCMS_Sample on any platform of Internet Information Services (IIS).

So choose your system and begin with installation

  • Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 or Windows XP Media Center Edition then proceed IIS 5.x
  • Windows Server 2003 32/64 or Windows XP x64 Edition then proceed IIS 6.0
  • Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 7 then proceed IIS 7.x


Automated Installation

C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\Resources_Sample\Deploy folder contains CreateIIS.bat script which you can use for automated creation/recreation of IIS Virtual Directories. You should run it as Administrator. All you need before is installed IIS with ASP.NET.

If you get errors (not warnings) during the install, proceed with manual installation.


Common steps for manual installation

Create following virtual directories in the default web site on your computer:

  • AxCMSweb_Sample (for Management System)
  • AxCMSwebLive_Sample (for Live System)
  • AxCMSPublishService_Sample (for Publishing Service)

Virtual directories must point to the folders with the same names under the root folder.

Allow running scripts in these directories.

Under Directory security turn on Anonymous access for all the virtual directories.

For AxCMSweb_Sample and AxCMSwebLive_Sample create a mapping for the extension .Sample to aspnet_isapi.dll of Framework 2.0.

Under AxCMSweb_Sample and AxCMSwebLive_Sample create a virtual subdirectory templates pointing to the folder AxCMSTemplates_Sample. Repeat these procedures under AxCMSweb_Sample/publish and AxCMSwebLive_Sample/publish (so you have 4 virtual directories templates all pointing to the folder AxCMSTemplates_Sample). Remove Web-Application from these virtual directories.

Please ensure that default documents are allowed and that default.aspx as entry exists for both AxCMSweb_Sample and AxCMSwebLive_Sample.