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Licensing is license cost free. Once you have bought the source code, you can use it for as many sites as needed - without additional costs.

To use you only have to request a license file, which you supply then to your instance.

Getting a License File

You can request a license file from Axinom any time and you get one for free - usually during one business day.

A license file applies to one instance. Every instance has a default URL where it runs (its live system). This URL you will find in the web.config (both in MS and LS) under LiveSystemHostName (e.g. The URL in the license file must match this LiveSystemHostName.

If you run multiple instances, please request a separate license for each instance. This is a typical setup if you implement web sites for different clients of yours.

If you run multiple web sites on a single instance (using its multisite-functionality) or if you just use multiple aliases for the same web site, one license file suffices. In this case issue a license for the main or default URL. It must match the LiveSystemHostName which is used in the web.config. License Request Form


Configuring a License File

Store the license file (.lic-file) somewhere on your server and reference it using the whole path in the web.config (both in Management System as in Live System):

 <add key="GlobalLicenseFile" value="c:\projects\AxCMS_Sample\AxCMSweb_Sample\Sample.lic" />

What happens if you don't have a correct license file? will show you a big red overlay with an error message about missing license.

License File is digitally signed. If you modify the content of this file after you received it from Axinom, will not accept the file. Instead of manually changing the license file, please request a new one - it is free.

Localhost-License or License File for Development Environment

In the development environment you typically run both Managment System and Live System on your development workstation - under http://localhost. A license file bound to http://localhost is so called localhost-license file. It can be used for the local development. As soon as you go live with your site you need to request a production license for the real URL of your site as described above

License File and Upgrades

In the version 9 of the license file format is slightly changed. Therefore, if you upgrade from a version prior to 9 to a new one (9 and above) you need a new license file. For other upgrade cases you don't need another license file.