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Installing Premium Template Project


Differences to standard sample installation

This is the template project included in the Source Code Package. There are two main differences between the former public standard version and Premium Template project. The one is that all folders and virtual directories end with _PremiumSample instead of _Sample. The second difference is that the custom extension is set to .AxCMS instead of .Sample.

We provide you here the complete steps described with new values, all further information pages refer to standard sample installation, but if you keep those two differences in mind, you can use the information there too. It is the same for our installation webcasts.

Local installation to developer workstation

We assume that you do not change any default values proposed by Axinom.

This article provides an overview of things to be done. Each step is described in detail in further chapters. For nearly each step, we have created a webcast for you. You can find them all on our webcast page...

If you have problems after installing, please also consult our troubleshoot page ...

The installation process involves these big steps:

  1. Prerequisites.
  2. Copying files.
  3. Create and configure virtual directories in IIS.
  4. Create the databases.
  5. Translation
  6. Sample configuration
  7. License
  8. Create_PremiumSample application
  9. Develop in PremiumSample project
  10. Installing and configuring additional modules:



Before you install please check that following software is installed:

For versions 7.0 or higher:

  • IIS 5.x or IIS 6.x or IIS 7.x
  • MS SQL Server 2005/2008 (or Express Edition)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (since version 9.0 .NET Framework 3.5)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extension 1.0
  • MDAC 2.7 or later
  • Web Service Enhancements 3.0
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and later or FireFox 1.0 and later

If you want to develop with

  • Visual Studio .NET 2005/2008 Standard Edition or higher
  • Visual Studio 2005/2008 Web Application Project (is included in Service Packs)
  • MS SQL Server Client Tools

 More about this subject you'll find in the System Requirements section.

 Please ensure you have installed ALL components, otherwise our system won't work!

Copying Files

Create a folder C:\Projects. It is the root folder for your installation.

Copy the folder AxCMS_PremiumSample from download package to C:\Projects. The path is then C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample.

The folder AxCMS_PremiumSample contains the following folders:

AxCMS.Service - Services for running background tasks
AxCMSPublishService_PremiumSample - Publish Service
AxCMSTemplates_PremiumSample - Template-Application
AxCMSweb_PremiumSample - Management System
AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample - Live System
Components - AxCMS-Resources, Docs, DB-Scripts, etc.
Create_PremiumSample - Project for filling your system with sample content
PremiumSample.BL - Business logic for PremiumSample
Resources_PremiumSample - Tools & Resources for the Template-Application
UnitTests_PremiumSample - UnitTests for business logic

Give necessary permissions

IIS 5.x

ASPNET-user must have read permission for the whole tree.
In the folders publish and upload (under AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample) ASPNET must have Modify permissions.

IIS 6.x and 7.x

NETWORK SERVICE user must have read permission for the whole tree.
Add modify permissions in publish and upload folders under AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample folders. (in Windows 2003/2008 Server you have to give the permissions to the group IIS_WPG instead, if you use Active Directory special considerations apply).

Read more about permissions under Files & Permissions.

View the webcast to this topic here...

Configuring IIS

Create following virtual directories in the default web site on your computer:

  • AxCMSweb_PremiumSample (for Management System)
  • AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample (for Live System)
  • AxCMSPublishService_PremiumSample (for Publishing Service)

Virtual directories must point to the folders with the same names under the root folder.

Allow running scripts in these directories.

Under Directory security turn on Anonymous access for all the virtual directories.

For AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample create a mapping for the extension .AxCMS to aspnet_isapi.dll of Framework 2.0*

*For Windows Vista you should create a Managed Handler. Assumed, your applications AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample are running in DefaultMode. Then you need:

for AxCMSweb_PremiumSample: add Managed Handler, mapping *.AxCMS to Axinom.AECMS.HttpHandler.CMSHttpHandler

for AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample: add Managed Handler, mapping *.AxCMS to Axinom.AECMS.HttpHandler.LiveHttpHandler

If you prefer to let your Application run in ClassicMode, please refer to the instructions here:

Under AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample create a virtual subdirectory templates pointing to the folder AxCMSTemplates_PremiumSample. Repeat these procedures under AxCMSweb_PremiumSample/publish and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample/publish (so you have 4 virtual directories templates all pointing to the folder AxCMSTemplates_PremiumSample). Allow running scripts in these directories. As it needed for banner module.

Please ensure that default documents are allowed and that default.aspx as entry exists for both AxCMSweb_PremiumSample and AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample.

To enable Silverlight you must go to IIS manager and select properties of your computer. Open MIME types an add there 3 more types:

 Extension => MIME type

  • .xap     =>    application/x-silverlight-app
  • .xaml   =>    application/xaml+xml
  • .xbap   =>   application/x-ms-xbap

Read here for detailed information...

View the webcast to this topic here...


The easiest and fastest way to create databases is just to run the CreateDB.bat located by default under the path C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Deploy

NOTE: Under Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 you need to run batch file as Administrator
But before ensure that you have Named Pipes and TCP/IP protocols enabled under SQL Server Configuration Manager and all IP addresses have TCP port defined as 1433 and it is Active

If you want to create your databases by hand, please follow the guide below:

Start SQL Enterprise Manager or SQL Management Studio and create two Databases: AxCMS_PremiumSample and AxCMS_Live_PremiumSample. The first one for the Management System and the second one for the Live System.

In Enterprise Manager under Security/Logins create a user AxinomCMS, give it as password AxinomCMS1 (if you change it, you have to change your configs). Give this user access to both just created databases and the roles db_datareader and db_datawriter.

Connect to your new Database and run the create scripts. The scripts are under Components\DB\Create Scripts.

For the Management System run scripts that are located in "CMS" folder in this order:

  1. CMS.Tables.sql            -- Database Schema
  2. CMS.Constraints.sql      -- e.g. Foreign Keys
  3. CMS.ViewsSPs.sql         -- Views and Stored Procedures
  4. CMS.Grant.sql              -- EXECUTE permissions for SPs
  5. CMS.Init.sql                 -- Initial obligatory data for CMS

For Live System run scripts that are in "Live" folder:

  1. Live.Tables.sql            -- Database Schema
  2. Live.Constraints.sql      -- e.g. Foreign Keys
  3. Live.ViewsSPs.sql         -- Stored Procedures
  4. Live.Grant.sql              -- EXECUTE permissions for SPs
  5. Live.Init.sql                 -- Initial obligatory data for CMS

After that go to C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\DB\Create\ folder and run located there scripts:

  • Management.Tables.sql     --run on AxCMS_PremiumSample database
  • Live.Tables.sql                  --run on AxCMS_Live_PremiumSample database

Note: don't forget to allow SQL Server Authentication in your SQL Server. Go to properties of your SQL Server in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Security, Authentication und turn on "SQL Server and Windows". If it is set to "Windows only", is unable to login to SQL Server.

For troubleshoot, please have a look in troubleshoot page here...

Read here for detailed information...

View the webcast to this topic here...



To enable multiple language interface for (default UI language is german) run next three scripts from Components\DB\Create Scripts\CMS\AxLanguage under AxCMS_Sample DB:

  • AX.sql
  • DE.sql
  • EN.sql
  • ET.sql
  • RU.sql


Each needs its own configuration file. Sample configuration files are already included in C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Configuration\SampleDEV\ folder (for Management System, for Live System and for Publish Service).

If you have to change something, please ensure that you change it in all configs.

Following configs exist:

  • AxCMS.Service.config  --for AxCMS.Service
  • Create.App.config       --for Create_PremiumSample project
  • LS.Web.config            --for Live system
  • MS.Web.config           --for Management system
  • Publish.config            --for Publish service
  • UnitTests.App.config   --for Unit Tests

Please, run Postbuild.bat (located at C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Deploy\) each time you change configuration files. It copies configuration files to proper places.

Please configure a valid SMTP-Server to use contact module and recommend functionality.

More information can be found here.


To start you have to provide a valid license. You can require the license from Axinom free of charge. Order your license here:

Copy the license file received into any folder (preferably not accesible through IIS) and put this path into web.config's of the Management System and Live System (key GlobalLicenseFile).

By default: AxCMS_Sample\Resources_PremiumSample\PremiumSample.lic

More about this subject you'll find in the Licensing section. 

View the webcast to this topic here...


Please, run PostBuild.bat (under Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 as administrator) located at C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Deploy before starting, if you haven't done this yet.

At this point you can start Launch your browser and go to this URL:

Management System: http://localhost/AxCMSweb_PremiumSample 
Live System: http://localhost/AxCMSwebLive_PremiumSample

You get a login screen from AxCMS. At the bottom of the dialog you see the version of

You can login into the new installed system with axinom / axinom.

Note: You are advised to immediately create a new user with another password, give it administrative rights and take away rights and roles of axinom-user. Under no circumstances run production instances of with axinom-user available.

If your system works, you can install and configure additional modules.



Install it by navigating to C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\AxCMS.Service\ and running register.bat. (under Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 run as administrator)

View the webcast to this topic here...


You can configure your instance of (already installed) to connect to your Active Directory. No additional installation possible. Please read here for more information ...

Fill system with sample content

To fill your system with sample content, just go to C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Deploy\  folder and double-click StartCreate.bat. After running StartCreate, please ensure that your web application restarts as the category cache has to be refreshed. You can restart IIS or change your web.config or you can edit a category and click save or apply to refresh the category cache.

Note: In Windows Vista/Server 2008 you have to run StartCreate.bat as Administrator.

View the webcast to this topic here...

Develop in PremiumSample project

Once the PremiumSample-project is successfully installed at your PC you can start developing.

1) Double click the solution file (C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\AxCMS_PremiumSample.sln).

NOTE: Maybe your VS does not recognize some projects - if it does not recognize a single one, then you need to install SP1 for Visual Studio, if it only does not recognize UnitTest_PremiumSample project, then your VS does not support the test projects. You can simply delete that project.

2) Build the project.

3) After each build, you have to run the PostBuild.bat located here: C:\Projects\AxCMS_PremiumSample\Resources_PremiumSample\Deploy_Sample\PostBuild.bat. It copies created dll in right bin-directories. At the moment this is configured in Post-Build event of UnitTests project as this is the last project that is built in solution. If you just deleted UnitTest project, you can add post build event to PremiumSample.BL in properties of project/Build Events/After successful build -> then enter path to PostBuild.bat there.


Project structure

AxCMSTemplates_PremiumSample - Templates

Controls          - put here the controls, used by template
CSS                - put your css-files here
Images           - design-images, icons, etc.
RowControls     - custom elements (former: "row controls")
TopMenu         - TopMenu extensions
CmsSite.xml    - describes the structure of your templates
error.htm         - the error page (has to be copied into cms- and/or live-root via
PremiumSampleBaseTemplate.cs  - inherit all your templates from this class
BaseTemplate.aspx                     - sample template. Use it or replace it with your own template
PremiumSampleContext.cs           - your own navigation context
Extras              - Extension for the Management System

ArticleOverview[Detail|Filter].aspx - Sample usage of the Overview/Detail pattern

ExtraServices       - Project for your custom web-services

BannerWebService as example for your custom webservice.

PremiumSample.BL            - Project for your business logic (everything but the GUI)

Resources_PremiumSample     - Solution resources (will not be compiled)

Components    - e.g. 3rd party DLLs used by your application
Configuration   - configuration files for all applications and environments
DB                  - DB-scripts for the DB-structures you develop in your application
DeploySample  - automation scripts, not only for deployment
UnitTests_PremiumSample    - Unit Tests

SolutionAssemblyInfo.cs - here you set the version of the solution