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Document Management


In a Document is any file which is created externally and uploaded into In contrast, the content of the pages is edited directly in The system allows you to store and manage an unlimited number of documents. You can add meta-data to the documents, classify them by using categories and relations or search inside the documents (not only meta-data, but also in the document content).

Images are stored as documents. They can be added to a page as content-images.

Flash-Movies are also documents (.swf-files). They too can be added to a page as content. Many additional options are possible.

Any document can be linked in page content.

Documents can be assigned to navigation the same way as the pages.

Image Formats

With Image Formats uploaded images can be automatically adjusted. Predefined formats (e.g. JPEG, 300x200) are created by the designer and can be attached to specific placeholders. If an editor adds an image to a placeholder which has an Image Format, it is automatically applied to the image. The Editor can then adjust the formatted image - scale in/out, rotate, autofit, etc.

Fig. 1 Image Formatting

Fig. 1 Image Formatting

How to get a Document into

There are multiple ways to get a document in, the most common include:

  1. The Classic: Individual Manual Upload
  2. Document Creation Box
  3. Upload Multiple Files
  4. Files from a Remote URL
  5. Files from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
  6. WebDAV
  7. ZIP
  8. Create Documents Programmatically
  9. Apply Auto-Formatting
  10. Send the Documents via Email

For more details on documents read this article about documents.

Most of the features available for Pages are also supported for Documents. The following actions can be performed with both Pages and Documents:

  • Versioning
  • Export / Import
  • Security
  • Indexing / Search
  • Meta Data
  • Categories, Navigation, Relations


Document Types and Restrictions

It is possible to create custom document types (predefined types are Image and Flash). In addition, you can restrict which users may upload which types of documents and you can exclude certain document types from indexing (e.g. in most cases, it does not makes sense to index JPG-images).