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Basic information 

After downloading the new version, copy the content from the folders to the folders of your default project like follows:

content from AxCMS_x.y.z\AxCMSPublishService -> yourproject\AxCMSPublishService

content from AxCMS_x.y.z\AxCMSweb -> yourproject\AxCMSWeb

content from AxCMS_x.y.z\AxCMSwebLive -> yourproject\AxCMSwebLive

content from AxCMS_x.y.z\IndexService -> yourproject\IndexService

content from AxCMS_x.y.z\Components\ -> yourproject\Components

NB! Backup your databases!

Under AxCMS_x.y.z\Components\DB\Change Scripts\ you will find the scripts required to upgrade your databases. You have to run the script CMS.Tables.sql in your Management System database and Live.Tables.sql in Live System database. For example, if you have version 6.0.0 and you want to upgrade to version 7.0.0 you need to run the scripts step by step:  meaning - first 6.1.x, then 6.2.x and so on, until the desired version.


Please note, that after upgrading your running the Change Scripts, you should also run the Language Scripts located by default under the path:

 C:\Projects\AxCMS_Sample\Components\DB\Create Scripts\CMS\AxLanguage

The scripts that should be run are:

  • AX.sql
  • DE.sql
  • EN.sql